Thursday, December 18, 2008

УМОМ РОССИЮ НЕ ПОНЯТЬ (One cannot understand Russia using logic)

I have found yet another evidence that Russia will most likely never be a normal country. At least not in my lifetime.

While looking something up on the net, I have come across an interesting piece of info: there is a movement in Russia organized in the late 90s that heavily lobbies for Ivan the Terrible's recognition as a saint. In the past nine years or so, the movement only gathered more and more followers. I will not go into much detail about many saints who are already recognized and who led far from saintly lifestyles. The fact that many of them were murderers, vicious anti-Semites, womanizers and drunks would not surprise most educated people. But Ivan the Terrible? The serial murderer, rapist, and torturer? The man responsible for thousands and thousands of deaths of his fellow Orthodox Christians? That goes beyond anything I have seen before. But honestly, the only thing that truly surprises me is that Ivan is not a saint yet. Russians develop masochistic devotion and attachment to their tzars, especially the ones that kept the country "in control", i.e. engaged in the most amount of terror against Russian citizens.

After reading this info, I mumbled to myself, "The next thing you know, those nuts will ask for Stalin to be recognized a saint too." But I spoke too early. Not long after, I found that there's a movement for that too...


  1. Russia has always, always thirsted for "the boot in the face." I don't know what it is, but anytime someone tries to introduce actual democracy and freedom, everything starts going to pieces and then everyone starts saying "At least Stalin kept order." It makes me sick.

  2. Yep, any tzar that tried to bring some humanity to Russian monarchy or any sort of reform was assassinated by the same people he tried to benefit. Russians are just not equiped to live in democracy. yep, makes me sick too.

  3. Obviously they're not equipped to live in democracy, then they'd be responsible for what's happening in the country.

  4. I don't like the blue dude. Where is the baby?!

  5. This is so funny. At the beginning I didn't get who the "blue dude" was and thought you were referring to Moshe's baby. And then I realized that you are referring to the baby replaced by the "blue dude". LOL


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