Monday, December 22, 2008

On cookies, donuts and organized religion

These are just my musings on the topic of Holiday Season. They are too short to get a post of their own, plus I am not sure if I'll manage to get another post out for this to be relevant. So there. Oh, and before I forget,


Holiday season happens to be the time when our large vendors send us, their good customers, Christmas baskets with edible goodies. I do appreciate the thought and all, but would it kill them to send something kosher? I mean, we live in NY, how hard could it be? Yes, I do realize that complaining about Christmas baskets not being kosher is at best ironic. But when the 3 p.m. hunger strikes and everyone around happily munches on gourmet cookies while you hope to satiate yourself with your own saliva, philosophical musings are the last thing that comes to mind.

Here's one for marriage experts to illustrate that men truly are from Mars. I call hubby today and ask if he would like some donuts. Ask any woman (any sane woman) what that means, and she will tell you, “Honey, would you be so kind as to pick up a few dozen donuts from the bakery on your way home?" What does a male hear? "Honey, would you be so kind as to allow me to spend hours in kitchen for the honor of serving you some home made donuts?" and replies with “Yeah, sure, make some.” Ugh, whatever, they are hopeless… When I explain the true meaning behind the question , hubby is genuinely surprised, “But you like making donuts!” Yes, I also like expensive jewelry, playing preferance and girls only nights out. I don't see anyone rushing to fulfill those likes of mine...


This is the time of the year when one hears a lot of griping about organized religion (as far as I am concerned, in 99% of the cases this is just an excuse to avoid going to church or whatever else the religion would obligate the person to do). So I had a bright idea. What if I started a disorganized religion? Or religion for the disorganized? Either option would be fine, if it let me quit my day job and spend more time with kids. I even have a motto, "Mess for the masses." Something to look into...

P.S. As this post was edited, a very nice woman from a different department came over and brought me a package from a vendor that is delicious AND kosher. And left it on my desk since she knows we don't get many of those. How nice is that? And another (male) co-worker brought in a kosher donut, just for me (and other three kosher people on the floor). SubHub, if I were you, I would start getting jealous...and run to the bakery.

P.P.S. He ran, even before he heard that there's a competition. OK, got to get off the computer and start consuming all that nice food.


Happy Holidays everyone!!!


  1. Subwife,

    Since we've established that men are from Mars, you have to articulate yourself a little better when speaking to them so as not to confuse their Martian minds.
    Why ask the hubby if HE would like some donuts when what you really mean is that YOU would like some donuts?
    And if you really want to speak their language, just say "Honey, you know what always puts me in the mood? Eating donuts!"
    Sorry for ones again leaving an anonymous comment :-)
    Enjoy your donuts.

  2. pochyom opium dlia naroda? :) (excuse my transliteration)

  3. Not so anonymous,

    What peeves me is that men think everything is about them and them only. I mean why would a question whether he wants some donuts imply that I actually care if HE wants some donuts? What a crazy notion and rookie mistake! We are not newlyweds anymore, he should know better!

    And the whole, "Honey, you know what always puts me in the mood? Eating donuts!" You are not serious, are you, but let's not go there...


    As much as the market can bare, of course.


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