Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Fellow Americans - SubReview

Expectations: I have seen this movie several times. So I knew exactly what to expect.

Plot: Two former Presidents learn too much about a kick-back deal with a contractor. Even though they hate each other, they must find a way to work together to save their lives and stop the evil President from returning to the office for the second term. It's the Odd Couple, White House style.

My take: The first time I watched it I was not greatly impressed - a slightly above average comedy. But the more I watch this, the more this movie grows on me. The jokes don't get old, the plot is still fresh even 12 years later, and the acting is excellent. This movie has now joined my short list of reliable mood picker- uppers. I also think that it is particularly funny in light of recent elections and would be a good choice for anyone, conservative or liberal. When I watched it yesterday, I enjoyed it even more than the last time.

Objectionable materials: some brief nudity and usage of f-word. Overall, pretty clean.

Bottom line: Watch it with someone who is still dear to you, but voted for a different candidate. Even if you don't mend your broken relationship, there will be plenty of laughs to make this a worthy endeavor.

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  1. That would be my oldest brother. Talk about being on opposite poles!! He and I DO NOT agree when it come to politics. It's a good thin that I am right.


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