Thursday, November 6, 2008

This isn't over

I have been waiting for November 5. I was tired of all the political talk and desperately wanted it to be over. So today, two days after the elections, I was lulled into the false sense of security by my own desire to move on. So I came out and admitted to a couple of co-workers that I voted for McCain. After all, the guy didn't win, no hard feelings, right? To my surprise, one of the co-workers, a young guy, also admitted to voting for McCain. So I jokingly said to him that the third member of this conversation, a huge Obama supporter, will now hate us. She said, "No. I don't hate you. I just think you were brain washed."

In all honesty, I would have preferred if she said she hated me, or that my decision or reasoning was stupid or faulty. Pretty much anything would be less insulting to me than what she had actually said. Because what she said precludes any kind of meaningful discussion and reduces it to trying to prove that "No, I am not a drone but actually a thinking individual who happens to disagree with you". Because what she said, even though it might not have been meant that way, implies that her reasoning powers are superior to mine or to put it bluntly that I am naive and dumb. Because it was so patronizing and dismissing, after all why would anyone give value to my opinion if it's not even mine, but the guys' who brainwashed me?

There are reasons why I avoid talking politics at work. I reminded myself what those were, that I should stick to that policy ALL the time and went back to my cube without saying anything else. If I could say something to her, I would ask her when and how exactly I got brainwashed because only 8 years ago I was accused by my conservative friend of being brainwashed for refusing to vote for Bush. (As I mentioned, I tend to be in the middle, so I get it from both sides. Actually, I couldn't even vote in those elections b/c I wasn't a citizen yet.) So between now and then those conservatives did a very good job, I guess. Only I am not a conservative. And I don't read newspapers or watch TV. I don't go to rallies (like she does) and generally avoid political talk. So exactly how did this brainwashing happen?

Whatever. I am moving on. I think the country is starting to move on too, just not as fast as I would have liked it. My evidence? The story on about Obamas' choice of family dog. Who needs to discuss issues when Obama girls are a getting a new puppy? I think we will be back to normal programming very, very soon. Paris Hilton, where are you?


  1. Ha! A good friend of mine implied the same thing about me because I voted for Obama. It is a very insulting statement, because it implies that I didn't think long and carefully about this decision. I don't blame you for feeling ticked off.

    And, whaddaya know, it turns out that she didn't follow any of the campaign coverage whatsoever! So who is the mindless drone here, anyway?

  2. Paris and I are making a new video to take you out of misery!

  3. I knew I could count on you! Though the visual is not very appealing, not yours, Paris'.

  4. actually, i started liking Paris ever since I saw the original movie, and that feeling was greatly enhanced when she filmed her response to McCain. To quote her: "That's hot!"

  5. I was really annoyed when they started the whole puppy talk. Who cares?
    Moish, what kind of a video?

  6. this one:



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