Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This is not funny, but it is!

You know what I haven't posted in a long time? My kids’ antics. So here's a post dedicated to DS. After a long relative silence, a few months ago DS started happily talking and commenting, and now we can understand almost everything he says. And that kid is funny, but I am most definitely prejudiced! Here are a few episodes of what we are being treated to on an almost daily basis. Let me warn you that not everything here is 100% tasteful, but he's my kid and that's my blog.

After having his first (and for now last) successful attempt of doing number 2 in the toilet, DS insisted on flushing himself. No surprises here, the kid could be entertained almost indefinitely by toilet flushing. This time, however, he decided to add a personal touch and said, "Bye bye, kaki." And then flushed, twice of course.

DS also says bye bye to birds in the park, to dogs on the street, to choo choo trains passing by and to anything else that catches his attention.

DS had to accompany his maniacally coughing sister to the doctor. The doctor decided to use this opportunity to catch up on DS' shots while he was there because who knows how long it would take us to reappear in her office. This was a huge blow to DS who fully expected his sis to cry and suffer, but not himself. While in the car, he complained to me a few hours later (I didn't go with them, SubHub did), "Doctor made DS boo boo. Doctor gave DS shots. It hoits (hurts). Mommy, doctor puniss' (punish)? Yeah, Mommy, doctor time out!" (If I ever had the chutzpah to suggest punishing my doctor or any other adult, my mom would definitely fall off her chair. Different times, different children...)

My Dad pretended to steal DS's nose. DS's reaction? "This is not funny!" Good thing he can’t read yet because apparently he has the necessary vocabulary to give my blog a meaningful review.

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