Monday, March 31, 2008

It finally happened

It's finally happening, and it only took two years. My kids are starting to play with each other without fighting for every little thing the other one picks up. They still fight plenty, but now I can finally see the glimpse of hope, and it warms my heart. They have started playing together little by little for some time now, but this Sunday I was treated to something special.

My daughter, who is all but three and a half years old as of last week, took out a blanket, spread it over the floor and called her brother. I am not sure what happened next, but at some point I realized she was calling him "baby" and he was calling her "Imma" (Mommy in Hebrew). Somehow my little man had caught on that he was supposed to pretend that his sister, his senior by a whopping 18 months, was his mom for the duration of the play. He went along with all of her requests: to stay on the blanket when she needed to leave (something he never does in real life for his real mother), held her hand and pretended to cry, quite often might I add. She would reply to his crying, "What's wrong baby? Why are you crying?", kissing and cuddling him, and he would complain about a boo boo, being wet/cold/hungry. It was very, very cute and lasted about an hour.

I thought I would have to wait until the next weekend to see the next show, but I was wrong. As I was getting dressed for work this morning, my son stormed into our bedroom and tripped hitting his head a bit. He started whining, "Mommy, hurts, boo boo." I kissed his head and thought that the incident was over. Then DS noticed his older sister and went into his pretend crying, saying specifically to her, "Imma, hurts, boo boo," to which she proceeded exactly as her mom, kissing his head and saying,"Don't cry baby, don't cry. I'll kiss your boo boo again."

How cute is that?

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