Monday, March 10, 2008

Follow your heart

When choosing professions, many people settle on something with steady income, but with low level of personal satisfaction. Some people choose the high road and dedicate themselves to low paying but more fulfilling jobs. And some people manage to do both, which at times necessitates certain compromises.

Our (at this point, probably former) governor of New York Eliot Spitzer refused to abandon his dreams. As he was fighting corruption (obviously very, very boring endeavor) during the day, he was "involving himself"(quote from the press) in a prostitution ring at night. And now since this was uncovered, he finally does not need to compromise any more. He no longer has to (not that anyone would let him at this point) be involved in politics and fight pedophiles, rapists and other sex crimes perps, as promised during his campaign. Mr. Sptizer could not be more overjoyed to finally give the full and undivided attention to his one and only love: prostitution (strangely enough, political career didn't satiate that desire).

For very, very few details available to the public now, you can click here.

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  1. Thank you! You hit the nail on the head; once I saw a t-shirt online that had the quote about politics not being that far from the oldest profession; too bad I did not have the lettuce to buy it:)


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