Monday, March 17, 2008

5 helpful tips for anyone trying to write a song

1. A tune with someone singing "na-na-na" along is technically not a song, even if you add clapping, clicking and moaning. This form of expression is perfectly fine at a campfire, but not on public radio. Songs need words, and interjections do not count.

2. Listening to “Al hester, al hester, al hester panecha, al hester panecha oy-oy-oy" (or any other song comprised of less than a full verse) for seven minutes is torturous. Try adding words.

3. When out of words or rhymes, attempt to come up with a more original filler than "na-na-na" and "oy-oy-oy". Don't be scared, it's all a part of creative process.

4. Though many would argue that "oy" is the most expressive word in history, try to limit usage. Think of it as a spice and use sparingly. For a gourmet feel, avoid using completely.

5. No video is better than a dorky music video. Really.

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