Friday, March 7, 2008

Hit the road, UN, and never come back no more...

Once again UN has proved that it's completely useless and defunct. This past Thursday an armed gunman walked into the seminary in Jerusalem and opened fire on its students killing 8 and wounding many more. This was a clear terrorist act and an attack on the Israeli civilians. The Security Council of the UN was expected to harshly denounce this act of terror and was unable to do so. Why? Because Libya, one of its (temporary) members, did not agree with the statement to be issued. With more details surfacing now (you can read this CNN article for more info), turns out that Libya doesn't see a difference between Israel firing upon Palestinian targets with confirmed terrorist presence and a gunman firing upon unarmed students whose average age is about 18. Libya considers this act of terror an appropriate response from the Palestinians to the recent events in Gaza.

Regardless of the Libyan depraved response (after all, one cannot expect much from the authoritarian state that considers terrorizing its own citizens appropriate), what the heck is this country doing on the Security Council? Only twenty years ago Libya's link to terrorist organizations was proven beyond any reasonable doubt. Only fifteen years ago UN imposed severe sanctions against Libya for refusing to cooperate with the investigation on the Pan Am Flight 103 and UTA flight 772 bombings, where Libyan agents were the prime suspects. Only four years ago Libyans acquiesced to the UN demands to abandon the production of the weapons of destruction. This is the country that considers raping a valid form of interrogation and where human rights simply do not exist. Why was the country that showed and continues to show only contempt to the UN and its official mission made a member of the Security Council? To help Libya and its allies secure its ability to terrorize?

So please, please, please, not so dear UN, pack your things, save yourself from further disgrace and dismantle. Or set up your headquarters in Tripoli. I am sure they will LOVE you there, especially if you get arrested.

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