Monday, September 15, 2008

Quote of the month

OK, so it is a bit belated, but there, I found the quote I have been searching for to replace my old favorite about candidates making me sick. I love it so much because it is hilarious in the original context, and taken out of that context it is also rather witty. But what I love the best about this quote is that it so perfectly fits almost every situation in life: it could be applied to work, marriage, child rearing and life as a whole.

So there, the quote of September, courtesy of The Office writers:

"I used to play it over in my head, and it was just a little bit different. ... I always imagined less manure. I mean, some manure, just less." Jim Halpert

P.S. On the second thought, I have decided to leave the candidates quote in. Still relevant. Still funny.

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