Monday, September 8, 2008

Update on kids

Recently I just can't find time to blog as much as I used to. Lunch at work is almost a luxury, and at home there simply isn't a free minute. Truth is, when there is such a minute, lately I prefer turning in early. My 30th birthday is approaching, and I guess the signs of old age are already showing. The funniest thing is that when I posted two or three posts per week, I couldn't wait to post something else. I thought I would be bursting at the seams with all the different topics. And at the beginning I was. But I guess the withdrawal phase is completed, and I frequently find myself wondering what to write about.

Well, there's always a rather cute topic of my kids. They are very reliable and always manage to do something post-worthy. So here are just a few episodes that occurred recently.

1. Yesterday my parent took the kids who were particularly wild. Now my parents are my heroes. I don't think I would've taken them in this condition voluntarily. When SubHub came to pick them up, he asked DS to kiss grandma and grandpa. My dad looked at SubHub and said, "Kiss? After everything he had done to us today, he has to marry us!" (Disclaimer: we do not marry our parent or grandparents, don't call social services.)

2. DD started school today. Let me clarify that. My first born, my little girl (don't tell her I called her "little"), my sweet princess is all grown up and is attending school. We had an orientation on Thursday, but that doesn't count. Today was really it, without mommy. And so far, thank Heavens, she likes it. She said school was so much fun! I am very happy she doesn't take after me. Changes were always hard for me. Well, back to DD. SubHub said that there were two girl in class who were crying when he came to pick up DD. When I mentioned it to Mom, she said, "I hope our little angel had nothing to do with those crying girls." I guess my kids earned quite a reputation with my parents.

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