Thursday, September 25, 2008

You look nice from the back, honest

OMG! So much to write about, so little time. I have topics and ideas, but no way to actualize them. But sometimes an event of enormous magnitude comes along when one must throw caution, considerations of time and efficiency and all such matters away, and simply blog. That sort of event happened today. Life, at least professional life, will never be the same. And I have a responsibility to bring this to public attention, well at least to those three people who occasionally read my blog.

I have this uncanny ability to channel out life around me. I walk to our super-duper new printer, for a water refill, or simply take a short stroll around the office, and on the way to my destination I completely zone out. Until something catches my attention. Today that destination was lady's bathroom. On the way there, however, I had to pass men's bathroom. The genius who designed it made a little quirk in the layout. Every time the door opens, the person passing by sees the back of every single man standing at the urinals. So today on my way to the bathroom, the door opened, and who do I see attending to his call of nature? Our esteemed CFO. I must've definitely made a grimace of pain and horror as I looked away ... only to come face to face with the CFO's #1 (the boss of my boss's boss). He saw the face that I made and must've thought, "What the heck had she seen there? And was it really that disgusting?"

Truth is, I saw nothing but the number of fully clothed male backs; however, that was enough. I have complained to our facilities head, but he said that I am the only one to complain about the men's bathroom layout. Which brings me to several suspicions.

1. My male co-workers are exhibitionists.
2. My female co-workers are voyeurs.
2. The head of the facilities thinks I am a peeping Tom, was caught by someone in the act and to look innocent concocted the story about faulty layout. BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE HAD COMPLAINED. EVER.
4. These things happen to me on a regular basis, and they happen only to me.
5. Why, G-d, why????

Which reminds me about another bathroom story, but that's for another time.


  1. You know, the company I work for is supposed to be experts on the toilet codes. Offer your company to hire ours:)

  2. You didn't have to look into the open door you know.
    And isn't it a bummer that we can't pee without pulling down our pants like men? The toilet seat is so cold in the winter...I'm drifting, what were we talking about?

  3. Well, I didn't look on purpose. Like I said, I was spaced out and came to when I was already looking. But I am so with you, men definitely have it easier than women.


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