Sunday, June 1, 2008

No thank you, that's too much sodium for my taste...

I have made a decision recently to start bringing my own lunch (probably seventh decision of this sort since the beginning of the year). First of all, my own lunch would be healthier; secondly, it would save me time to do other things during lunchtime; and lastly, it should save me money. So it is easier said than done, but for a few days last week I actually managed to bring something edible to work.

Last Wednesday I was rushing in the morning, and could not find my usual lunch container. I grabbed the first thing that I found in the drawer and left with it. When the time came to warm it up, I proceeded to double wrap my container and put it in the microwave. A few seconds later my co-worker came for the same reason I was in the lunchroom. He watched me taking out my bundle of food out of the microwave, and I saw his eyebrows go up as he saw multiple wrappings, but he kept to himself. Then after I unwrapped my food, he could no longer contain himself.

"Pickles? Sour pickles? You are warming up sour pickles????"

Of course not, I was just using the plastic container, but decided not to reveal the true contents of my lunch. And then I asked him if there were any packages of ketchup left over from the lunch served during some morning meeting the day before. And again, "Ketchup??? With sour pickles???" After my co-worker regained his composure, he said, "I believe those go better with soy sauce. Would you like some?"

My turn to raise eyebrows. I didn't realize he had a sense of humor.

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