Friday, February 15, 2008

Would you please, please, please pick up the phone?

I have been battling telemarketers for some time now. Putting your phone number on the Do Not Call Registry helps, but not with all of them. The worst are the ones from my credit card company offering the credit protection service that I repeatedly say I do not want. I had asked to be taken off the list, not to be disturbed, asked whether they offer protection from their harassing telemarketing techniques, etc. To no avail. At times they call me 3 times in one day, and if I don't pick up the phone the number of calls could go up to 5, no exaggeration. I think I will get rid of their credit card. Maybe that will help.

To date we have found several ways to deal with telemarketers. Hubs just wouldn't answer the phone if the number is not familiar. I give the phone to my daughter to deal with them; she has more patience than I do. Actually, I can't take credit for this one, it was hubs' idea. I probably won't be able to do this much longer, since one day she might take advantage of the situation and actually sign us up for New York Times or monthly Disney movies (only $29.99 plus shipping for club members!) for the next seven years. Honestly, most of the time I try to be patient and polite and pray that I never have to earn my living that way.

However, telemarketers recently came up with the new idea. You pick up the phone and get the computer voice asking you to hold on for an important message. Out of curiosity I had tried that once and was on hold for over 3 minutes! What a chutzpa, they are calling me trying to get my money and putting me on hold!

Anyways, there are a few telemarketers I rarely ignore or delegate to my kids. Those are from the cable companies. I always get a kick out of their reaction when they are trying to persuade me to get a better TV connection and I tell them that I don't have a TV to connect. One guy was so shocked he repeated his question three times: no TV? Yes, no TV and I truly recommend!

This is my absolutely favorite way to deal with telemarketers. I personally don't do it because I like using original material, but thought you might enjoy my all time favorite.

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