Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gimme some washin'

Friday afternoon is the busiest time of the week for me. A lot of tasks and chores are crammed into that hour and a half between my coming home from work and shabbat, that is if I am so lucky to leave work early enough. Last Friday I come home to find DH grilling our Friday night meal - a wee bit too close to shabbat for my taste, but one cannot be to picky. I assess the situation and figure out what needs to be added to my "to do" list when hubs hits me with this request, "Hon, can you wash my feet?"

I stare at him with a mixture of shock and disbelief, seeing that he is completely serous. Hubs reads my stare slightly differently, thinking that I am annoyed at him for adding things to my already long "to do" list. He says, "I'll do it myself then, you are too busy." "You better do it yourself," I think as I am watching hubby go into the fridge and take out a package of chicken.

I think I genuinely scared hubby with my wild roar. Afer a brief explanation, we were both laughing out loud. (I still am, even when surrounded by people on the train.) You see, in Russian leg can be used to describe "leg" or "foot". When I thought my hubby was asking me to wash his feet, he actually requested me to prep chicken legs for grilling. And I thought that my Levite ancestry finally caught up with me...

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