Monday, February 11, 2008

Whole Lotta Flesh

Two weeks ago I was in the middle of a meeting with my boss, when I looked out the window and saw a half-finished 7-story ad on the side of a building. There it was, staring at me, completely uncovered mammary gland. I chastised myself for being so perverse and seeing things that weren't there, or where they? I stared at the half-finished picture for some time trying to think what else this could possibly be. On the one hand, this wasn't Europe so there was no way something like this would be allowed in the middle of Manhattan. On the other hand, it simply couldn't have been anything else.

I got my answer a week later when the ad was finally completed. I wasn't very far off - what I saw in my boss' window was an unfinished picture of a sumo restler traditionally wearing only his diaper-like clothes. Unlike women, he was not required to cover up his ample bosom.

What are they advertising? Hyundai, which is not even a Japanese brand. If sex sells, what are they trying to do here: sabotage? Does anyone find that attractive because as far as I am concerned only one word comes to mind (which is not technically a word) : eww.

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