Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'll get home, eventually

We just bought our first car. My mother-in-law came from Israel, and I was still on maternity leave. On a whim, my husband and I decided to show her Manhattan at night, and without further ado we packed up a diaper bag and left. I figured that we didn't really need directions since I commuted to and from Manhattan every day for the past four years. That was our first mistake of many. I didn't drive, so one-way streets or timely giving of directions were concepts very foreign to me at that time. "Why can't you just turn here?" or "Just back up a bit" (on a highway to enter missed exit) were comments all too common for me. My husband, on the other hand, was completely unfamiliar with Manhattan, and this was his first time driving there.

Between the two of us, we ended up in New Jersey instead of Manhattan (don't ask, that night I found out that once you enter a tunnel, you can't turn around or back up). My husband was getting worried since we were in an unfamiliar place during dark hours. I, on the other hand, was in a very joyous mood to finally get out of the house where I was couped up with the baby for the past 6 weeks. And I had complete faith in my hubby.

There was nobody to ask for directions, and calling anyone didn't make any sense since we didn't even know where we were. So we drove around to find a gas station. After pointlessly driving for 15 minutes, I was overcome with a particularly severe case of verbal diarrhea and started singing, "I'll be home for Christmas"(it was the first week of November.) To my surprise instead of getting annoyed, my husband cracked a smile. I didn't really know any other lines to this song, so I carried on for a few more minutes, and then we found directions.

Today I went to the pharmacy, and while standing in line I heard this same song on the radio. The line was long, so I finally heard the last lines of it: "I'll be home for Christmas, if only in my dream." Thank Heavens hubby didn't know that song either! LOL

As a side note, this was supposed to be a short post. Why can't I make them like that? They always come out long...

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  1. you are funny! and your post was short enough for me to read in two sittings!!


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