Sunday, December 16, 2007


Chanukah is over, actually it was over on Tuesday. I await it with great anticipation, mainly because of the donuts. For eight days and nights I turn into Homer Simpson and unpack nightly packages from bakery with trembling hands. And then I indulge.

So, after eating about three dozen of the bakery-made donuts by day two, I had obtained a recipe that was simple yet delicious from the my kids' daycare center owner, and of course I made two or three batches. I don't remember exactly since I had severely OD'ed on powdered sugar and blacked out a few times. Thank you, Mrs. V for your wonderful recipe! Now my butt resembles a giant donut that is big enough to feed a family of four for about a week. Again, thank you, Mrs. V...

And that how it always ends: I wake up the first day after Chanukah with sugar withdrawal symptoms and tremendous amount of self-loathing. Why did I need to eat all those donuts? Why?

Just went on a scale. D'oh!

Side note: I do exaggerate, though only a bit...


  1. actually this Chanukah i got to have the best donuts of my life - that my associate got somewhere on the upper West side - it actually had so much jelly, it was dripping and i had o wipe myself with seven towels like King David

  2. Personally I don't like jelly donuts. I prefer plain, and my second choice is custard. But good for you!!!

  3. i will never understand the joy of munching on a donut hole :(

  4. you eat around it, silly. Try it, you might understand why some people like them :) As I was writing it, my son turned over his plate of mac'n'cheese. What is it with boys??!!!!

  5. MMMMMmmmm... The forbidden donut...


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