Friday, November 30, 2007


I found out today that we definitely have a Russian child. Hubs recalled the conversation he had with my daughter this morning. He gave her orange juice for breakfast.

DD: This is my beer.
DH: Really? You know, good girls don't drink beer.
DD: Mommy drinks beer. Mommy is a good girl.
DH: Mommy is not a girl any more.
DD: (complete and utter surprise. We've been going over genders for the last couple of months and she finally got the distinction between men and women, whom she calls boys and girls.) (Then defending her mom) Mommy is a girl! (short pause) Mommy is not a girl?
DH: Mommy is a woman ("tyotya").
DD: Noooo. (complete disbelief)

When I spoke on the phone with my daughter a few hours after this conversation, the first thing she had asked me was, "Mommy, do you drink beer?" and then, "Mommy, daddy is a man, you are a woman, a good woman, my brother is a baby." Then I asked her, "What are you? A girl?" She was not longer sure. Actually, I think she was sure, she just wanted to answer in a way that wouldn't disqualify her from having a drink now and then. LOL! If that isn't wise, in a Budweiser kind of way, I don't know what is!


  1. grin.
    why do adults laugh when kids repeat what we teach them?
    Ex- my daughter has shoes and boots. She know which are which. When people compliments her boots and say ' nice shoes' and she said 'boots' they laugh...however one wonders why....

  2. I find the whole situation funny for many reasons. One of them is that I am not much of an beer drinker. I usually take a sip of my husband's beer, and that doesn't happen too often. So I am not sure why my daughter is so sure that I drink beer. Coffee liqueur is a whole new story, and there's a cordial glass with this heavenly liquid standing on the kitchen couter with my name on it. Can't keep it waiting much longer, gtg...


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