Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Straighten yourself out, young man

I had a group meeting today with one of the bigger people in our company. One of the guys present there was a newbie and fresh out of college. While at the meeting, he got a little too comfortable in his seat and looked like he was on vacation sipping margaritas and not talking business. I found it very hard to resist the comment, "Sit up straight, for goodness sake." You know what stopped me? No, not the fear of spoiling my working relationship with this guy, and not the fact that I would look nasty in front of other people. I didn't say anything because it sounded like something my grandmother would say.

Goodness, what is happening to me? Why am I getting old so fast?

In my defense, I actually stood up for the little guy in that meeting. The big man couldn't remember his name and constantly called him something else, so I said - IN FRONT OF THE BIG BOSS - "Don't worry. He called me Dorothy for two years." FYI, Dorothy is NOT my real name. And nobody ever called me that.

Where's that flushing sound? Yep, right here...


  1. for the first 10 months on the new job i was called the "new Leonard" (my predecessor). now, over a year later I have graduated to "Natasha"

  2. Natasha, huh? Are they onto something? Or just trying to blend into the all-female work environment? Either way, my condolences.

  3. nahh, she is just a co-worker... but people get the wrong association. if i chose to blend it i would probably become Kimberly or Chaya Rochel Brocha


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