Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Did I just say that?

Out loud? In front of my boss? Did I?

We were discussing some coding for fixed assets in our general ledger - sounds cool, right? - when the boss asked my colleague if she wanted to take the lead on that project. He said that the project wasn't very exciting, but someone has got to do it. I don't know what came over me - maybe overeating during our Thanksgiving lunch, maybe dieting prior week reduced the blood flow to my brain, or maybe I was just being too myself in anticipation of a day off. Long story short, I said, "Boring? I didn't know we had exciting projects here. How come nobody told me about them?" The boss looked at me in astonishment and said, "Well, what about this project and this. And you just did this wonderful research for us." At least he was getting that I am somewhat (ha ha) joking. I said that I don't find accounting particularly exciting, I just do that for a living."

Then he referred to the research I had done for him on recording deferred rent - don't yawn! We discussed it for a while, some of us not fully comprehending as to why the higher accounting authorities made certain rulings, and how it was impossible to understand what the ruling was in the first place. That's when I said,"You see what happens when you have a room full of people excited about accounting? They make rules that nobody understands or wants to follow. I bet no one on FASB board has a personal life." At least my colleague smiled...

Did you hear that flushing sound? Yep, that's my non existing career and any possibility of having it going down the drain...


  1. lol!
    apparently there is something in the air. because I heard that same flushing sound @ my work place.
    I'm still working on a mantra that will help my verbal incontinence.

  2. oh, i don't know... the chair of my audit committee would find it quite fascinating :)


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