Saturday, October 9, 2010

You are only as old as your kids make you feel.

I'm too traumatized for the proper intro.


Me: Kids, why don't you play in pretend daycare? You could pretend that your dolls and bears are children. DD could be Miss E, DS could be Mr. C.

DD: (enthusiastically) Yeah!!! And Mommy can be Sandra!

DS: Yeah, Sandra!

(The kicker is that Sandra is a cleaning lady in their daycare...)

Me: (trying to salvage the situation) Why Sandra? Why can't I be another teacher?

DD: Because only old people can be Sandra. Sandra is much older than Miss E, and all other teachers are younger...

Yes, sweetie, nice save! Sandra is only 20 years older than Mommy... If you click on the link, you will detect a pattern here.

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