Saturday, October 9, 2010

A spare one to keep in the trunk

There's an ongoing joke in our house about me being purchased by SubHub for $60 at the time of our wedding. Meager $60. If you take into account that $60 was the selling price of the wedding band, NOT what he paid for it, SubHub got a very good bargain. But like with any too good to believe deal, there are some minor (or major) defects in the product. I say, still a good investment; he says, he should've asked for buy 1, get one free deal. He's Sephardi, you see. But I digress...

Last week I overheard SubHub on the phone. "You should make sure she's soft, but sturdy. Hairs should be silky, not hard. Try pulling them, they shouldn't come out. Hold her in your hands, she should feel comfortable. Don't get a cheap one; they are more trouble than they are worth."

So naturally I am wondering whether SubHub was doling out dating advice. I wouldn't put it past him. The only thing that's troubling me - SubHub thinks the guy should pay around $10, not much more than that. I thought I was the cheap model. Am I that easily replaced???

P.S. For those overly concerned with women's rights, SubHub was giving advice on buying a paint brush. And referring to brush as "she" because they were conversing in Russian.


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