Thursday, October 21, 2010

They get their own day now?

The editors at iVillage produced a study in anticipation of Mother-in-Law’s Day next Sunday. The study found that 28% of women reported a “terrible” or “bad” relationship with their hubby’s mom. And when it comes to kids, the feelings were even stronger — 76% said they would never seek parenting advice from a mother-in-law. 83% said they would never ask for relationship advice from their mother-in-law, and 94% wouldn’t seek advice on their sex life from her.

The question that I have is who the heck are the 6% who would seek advice on their sex life from the MIL? How does one broach the subject? Why would one assume that husband's mother possesses some privileged information in this area? Would you have to report back the successful implementation of advice? The questions are numerous, and they are all very disturbing.


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