Sunday, September 26, 2010


1. I guess one way to avoid getting spam comments is to not write any new posts, so there, you spammers, I win!!! Sort of...

2. The holidays here are progressing, one more week, and we are done. On the one hand, sad (holidays, excitement, guests!!!), on the other hand - too much togetherness does not make the kids better behaved, the heart grow fonder, mosquitoes less agressive or a waist line to shrink.

3. I am afraid we scared off the one guest we managed to lure into our sukkah :(

4. Sukkot was and still is my favorite holiday, hands down. For the past couple of years, for reasons beyond our control, enjoying it became very hard. This year, however, for the first time in three years, I got my Sukkot back! Almost literally. It also came as a surprise, quite pleasant at that!

5. I am declaring October a scream-free month, parenting wise. Anyone care to join?

6. I need to write this one because if I don't, I won't have 7 points, and the Universe will stop making sense or exist in the way we know it. OCD much? Oh, shut up! (It's not October yet and you are not my kid, so I can yell if I want to...)

7. I wish I could say that after the holidays I will be back to my original programming, but for a few months before holidays there was no original programming to speak of. I guess priorities change, responsibilities take over, and FB is very, very alluring and time consuming.

Ok, happy rest of the Holidays to all those who celebrate! (Oh, no... Does this count as #8? O.M.G. I do not want to wake up in tomorrow's Universe.

Yours truly,


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