Thursday, July 23, 2009

Spoiled goods

Truly heartbreaking. Poor girl. The most sickening aspect of this is her family's reaction: they are more sympathetic to their daughter's rapists than to their own victimized child. What is wrong with people? And no, I don't want to hear politically correct arguments about cultural differences and validity of different societal norms. This is just wrong. Plain and simple.


  1. That is disgusting.

    As far as "cultural differences", there's an interesting law in one of the middle eastern countries, don't remember which, where the victim is punished for having gay sex because he let it happen. The rapist I guess just tripped and fell or something.

  2. Moshe,

    that's exactly how I felt after reading this. unfortunately this is not the only article like this that I read. I guess it's an offshoot of the philosophy of treating women like cattle.

    In your case, I am just speechless. I guess "letting yourself get raped" is not the sin to which women have monopoly.


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