Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rhetorical question.

Purely rhetorical question for the audience.

What would you do if you came home and found children's clothes hamper empty? Because your husband washed them all. Without pre-treating stains. Or sorting, of any kind. And dried it all on the highest setting. Shrinking your son's favorite gray and black wool sweater. And assuring that baby's cute new outfit now will forever be adorned with the yellow spit up stains? Purely theoretically, would you yell? Would you cry? Would you politely smile and thank the perp because he was just trying to help? Or a little bit of each? You see, I wouldn't know what to do. Which matters not because it didn't happen to me. No, no, no. All purely theoretical.

Completely unrelated question, does anyone know if the wool can be unshrunk?


  1. SW, thank the perp. Effusively. You may want to mention, in passing and in the sweetest, kindest tone ever, that it's too bad the stated stain didn't come out of that new outfit and you'll pretreat it now. Alternatively, if SubHub's personality requires a more blatant mention, you can gently point out that you like to pre-treat the stains before washing.

    But definitely give a sincere, heartfelt "Thank you". Both before and after any mention of pre-treating. Because that was darn nice of him.

    And fear not- wool can be stretched.

  2. if my DH did laundry, I would be worried that he is leaving me or doing some other drastic change in his life that I cant even fathom. Let me make this clear - DH would not do laundry. Not Good. Not Bad. Not Ever.

  3. So, FA, i take it you would cry.

    And purely theoretically, I think I would grind my teeth and mourn the loss of clothes in the privacy of my own bedroom, and thank DH. Profusely. But I would mention the importance of sorting. And then would blog about the whole thing. Theoretically speaking, of course, because this did not happen to me. Oh, and on FA's tip I would also see if DH is secretly packing. Or considering sex change operation.

  4. Used to do laundry but gotten too lazy. Now the Chinese do it. And fold it and put it in plastic bag before putting it in my bag too.

  5. I would cry. yes, yes I would. I have china lady who also does my laundry now. I love china lady, however she doesnt put my clothes in a pre bagging plastic bag - wth!
    Seriously I would mention it a few days later, say tonight...and I would say that I appreciate the effort but please dont ruin any more clothes - theoretically speaking of course.


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