Monday, January 12, 2009

Let's keep this between us, okay?

These are just kids being kids and I guess parents being parents.

DD asked my Mom for a drink. When Mom started pouring, DD said that she didn't want it in a cup, she wanted a bottle. Mom said, "But your father doesn't let you use the bottle any more." DD, without missing a bit, "But we won't tell him."

Last night SubHub and I were watching The Best of Nature - 25 Years. (Actually, we only went through the first 5 minutes or so and decided that the predators in action theme provides poor entertainment.) In the very beginning there was a scene where a light colored monkey was walking and jumping on the ground shot from the monkey's back. I couldn't shake the feeling that I have seen this before. In a few minutes it hit me: that monkey is a dead ringer for DS when he's wearing his beige PJs, which by coincidence he was wearing that same night! Apparently, mediocre great minds think alike because SubHub was thinking along the same lines! (too bad I couldn't find this tidbit on youtube)


  1. Buy the good old Russian nature shows instead. American one are way too boring.

  2. Nah, I would not buy an animal/nature show. Not that much of a fan. Plus we were watching from Netflix website, no big loss.

  3. I wish they had more foreign stuff and better organized. Only new stuff and hard to look through.
    Link to me at gmail.

  4. All I need to know about "nature red in tooth & claw," the law of the jungle, &c.,I observe daily in this city's public transportation venues. Have come to realize that, like Oscar Wilde, I prefer art to nature.

  5. You can observe art in this city's public transportation too. ;-)


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