Sunday, January 18, 2009

We're simply the best

Like I said earlier, I read all instructions, manuals and labels, especially when bored. Sometimes it brings unexpected findings. Here's what I read this past Saturday while waiting for tea to brew. (I substituted with caps the name of the company and product to build up suspense.)

"Now you can enjoy a refreshing, naturally produced PRODUCT with traditional great taste.

For over four decades, OUR COMPANY has been combining the highest standards of quality and the finest ingredients (please note the plural, it will become important later on). Each bottle is supervised from beginning to end...

By serving OUR PRODUCT to your family and guests, you're making a statement. You're saying that you serve only the best and you accept nothing less."

And now for the conclusion. What is this great product that shows your friends and family how much you care if you serve it (and how much you don't care if you serve something else)? It's seltzer. Plain seltzer. And the main and only ingredient: carbonated filtered water.

Apparently, we've been drinking the finest, the most supervised and the most traditionally tasting water on earth without even knowing it. Mmm, mmm, good...

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