Sunday, September 4, 2011

You might never look at my gefilte fish the same.

With great sorrow I must inform you of the passing of our beloved Goldie Sub.  She was a good goldfish.  We took good care of her, but she lasted only a day longer than last year's goldfish.  She passed away three days before the kids noticed that she was gone.  Yes, she was that precious.  DD burst into tears upon discovering of Goldie's untimely demise, to be quickly joined by her brother, who I, quite honestly, thought was doing it just to keep his sister company.  Later on, over HoneyNut Cheerios, those two had the following conversation:

DD:  But we took such good care of Goldie.  Why would she die?
DS:  Yeah, why would she die?
DD:  How could she do this to us?
DS:  I know!
DD:  I had to work so hard and win so many games to get her!

The kids have progressed to the anger stage.  Though I still think that DS is angry just to keep DD company.  But overall I think they'll be fine. 

I, on the other hand, am wondering:  who are these cruel people distributing goldfish  - without any care instructions  - to preschoolers, knowing perfectly well that 95% of those fish will die within a week.  I am afraid that my anger stage might last much longer than my kids'.  Seriously, camp folks, can't you just stuff those kids with painted sugar instead?  Or at least send along some goldfish recipe?

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