Sunday, June 26, 2011

Where I manage to spoil more than one movie ending

Spoiler Alert!  As the title suggests, I will spoil the ending to Gosford Park.  Also, as one might deduce from the title of the post, there will be other spoilers.  If you are a fan of criminal investigation series, you should consider yourself warned.

On a friendly suggestion, I embarked upon watching Gosford Park.  All in all, not bad.  The problem?  Absolutely predictable ending.  Not because of the overused plot line, bad acting or any movie-making fault.  Simply because of the casting.  One MUST know that if Helen Mirren (or any other actress of her caliber) is cast in the seemingly secondary role, there will be a big revelation about her character, which would explain why Helen Mirren would agree to play it.  The longer the movie goes, the more shocking the revelation.  In the case of a mystery movie, the longer this "something" is not revealed, the more likely Helen Mirren's character is the murderer.  

The same goes for criminal investigation series.  The more famous the guest star is, unless he is quickly killed off, the more likely he is involved in the murder.  For example, the minute I saw Sheryl Lee in Lie to Me, I knew she would be the evil wife of a nice and honest politician.  Otherwise, they would cast a complete unknown. 

Which kind of sucks.  Because these actors end up being the victims of their own fame.   Too bad.  Because their acting would never give the ending away.

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  1. Time to switch to Chinese, Japanese and Indian movies.


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