Sunday, September 25, 2011

DS scissorhands

It was back to school time at SubCasa the past couple of weeks.  New teachers, new classes, new supplies, lots and lots of shopping.  Even tears, lots of tears.  But not from the kids; unlike their mother, they are troopers.  What can I say - I am a worrier.  I worry about everything.  And my children's future worries me.  And I worry that DS's third year in school might be the year that will break the proverbial camel's back (not that I think he is a camel, but his two previous years in schools - two different schools - left much to be desired). And, upon finding out that DS didn't get the Hebrew teacher that would be a perfect fit for his personality, I broke down.  DS worries me.  A lot.

And then there's secular studies teacher whom I still didn't get to meet.  Hopefully soon.  Actually not.  Hopefully no sooner than the PTA.  But with whom I had already conversed once. 

SubWife:  DS, how was your school today?
DS:  Good.
SW:  How was your English teacher?
DS:  Good.
SW:  Do you like her?
DS:  Yes, she came again.  (DS sounded a bit surprised that she came back. What did he do on the first day of school???)  She is very nice.  She said she will call you.  (He is so naive, he thought it was a good thing.  Ah, the innocence of the young.)
SW:  Oh...

And she did.  My mind raced through all possible scenarios of what a 5 year old could have done to deserve a phone call to his parents on the second day of school

Turns out the whole thing was over nothing - DS gave himself a hair cut in class.  The teacher called to apologize.  She really was very nice and very capable of dealing with DS.  She was amazed at how well I took the whole thing - and yes, I did notice the new haircut before the phone call.  She just didn't know about 1) what kind of possibilities I had running in my head only several minutes before the phone call and 2) that DS gave himself a haircut only two months ago and we got used to his bold spots and uneven bangs.  She also mentioned that it was not uncommon for kids to cut their hair when given scissors, but in all her years of teaching, it has never happened "in the first week of school."

So basically, we got a WINNER!  A CHAMP!  Where do we collect the medal?

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