Friday, January 21, 2011

Finally, update

Remember how I was gushing in the not so distant past about finally finding movies hubby and I both enjoyed? Yeah, scratch that. Turns out that after seven years of marriage, I still haven't learned how to interpret certain words, phrases and body language of my significant other. I mistook his hearty laughing for, you know, enjoying a comedy. How could I? But I feel it was an honest mistake anyone could have made, well, anyone married to SubHub that it.

When the initial shock - and I am hardly exaggerating - wore off, I had asked him what exactly was wrong. Turns out, nothing in particular. He was just "disappointed". I pressed for details, but alas, couldn't squeeze much more than I already did. Hence, I am left to guess. Was it the lack of depth in acting? Could the actors not convey the deep and conflicting feeling of their characters the way Pluto did when he was stripped of his "planet" status? Or was the plot not as intriguing as the M Theory? The suspense is just killing me. And if I wasn't able to tell a difference between him liking and disliking comedy, is it possible I had misread some other things? (Insert an obligatory joke about SubHub regularly faking it because I won't make it as a sacrifice on the altar of marital harmony...)

And now instead of hope in finding common entertainment, my heart is heavy with invisible and unproven black matter. Yes, we've been watching "Universe" again, how did you guess?


  1. Stargate: Universe?

    Some of the old French movies are too long. Funny parts, but the rest, snore.

    Time to switch to anime. Includes all genre, from babies (Totoro and Ponyo), to hardcore porn. We even rewatched some of the anime several times.

  2. No, the Universe. Check it out on Netflix. It's a documentary.


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