Thursday, June 11, 2009

Whose naise is this any way - Part II

A few weeks into the school year, before I got used to all the names of her classmates, DD and I were talking about school and I heard her say something about "crazy Pollack." Immediately my heart sank. In a matter of seconds, millions of questions were roaming in my mind. Why is this girl called crazy? Where in the first did DD hear such a word? I knew that girls could be cruel, but do they start taunting each other at 4? Why is DD participating in this activity? Did we not teach her better? Are the girls teasing my baby too? Why is the teacher allowing this? OMG, poor Pollack girl!

Something didn't sit right, and I asked DD to repeat the last thing she told me. It went something like, "I want to draw a butterfly like Raizy Pollack."

So who's crazy?


  1. Please allow me to add that calling a little girl Raizy is just not fair because at some point her classmates will definitely refer to her as "Crazy Raizy". Trust me on this one.

  2. SR, since you are Super Raizy, that must make you Super... never mind.


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