Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sing for a laughter, sing for a tear

As I was cutting up vegetables for a salad, in walked DS and started munching happily on something. Upon realizing that his mother was softly singing, DS put his little hand on mine, looked straight into my eyes and told the woman who carried him for nine months and subsequently gave birth to him, "Mama, don't do this. Don't sing. I am eating."

And once again, I was left speechless by my child.



    Were you softly singing metallica?

  2. LOL! My Older DS has been asking me to stop singing since he was old enough to formulate those words and my baby DS closes his ears and shakes his head when I open my mouth in song. I officially helped make older DS hate some of his songs that got stuck in my head and unfortunately enough made it out of my mouth. So...I feel your pain.

  3. Moshe,

    If you are referring to the title, then it's really aerosmith. But no, i was singing one of DD's graduation songs.


    Want to start a support group?

  4. Metallica can't be a grad song?
    Aerosmith's good too.

    Speaking of graduation...#$%# ^%$& %$#$ *&%%$ %$#^!!!

  5. Its just that I wish they wouldnt express their opinions so hardshly. DH always pretends to like my singing, why cant the offspring do the same?

  6. That's funny!
    My kids hate it when I sing too.


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