Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hopefully back

Wow, it's been this long. Life just gets in a way of blogging, I guess. This past month children and FaceBook and the discovery of Arrested Development have been taking up more of my time than usual.

We interrupt our current programming to give you the following message. While I was typing the first paragraph, my baby got into her butt cream and tried to eat it for supper. True story. I wouldn't mind much because I, even after two kids before her, I still haven't figured out what to feed a toddler who only has eight teeth yet eats more than my 4-year-old and who is too old for baby food yet too young to eat regular supper with us. However, butt cream is $18/10 oz and never goes on sale; hence, I object. Generic vaseline, however, is another story... So yeah, that's why I shouldn't be blogging, like, ever, or my kid will end up with irritated bottoms and a mask of zinc oxide on their face.

So it would be very natural to dedicate this post to my kids, but I won't. Instead I will stop right here because the baby is finally at this cute to the nth degree stage that won't last forever, and I just can't miss it for blogging! I could, however, miss it for Facebook or Arrested Development.


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  2. My 14 month old has um... 6 1/2 teeth and no molars yet. He seems to have possible sensory/swallowing issues and not having teeth makes feeding him regular table food somewhat unpleasant at times.

    How old is your toddler?

  3. 14 months too! She used to have some swallowing issues when very little. She would stick out her tongue and push the food out of her mouth until 7 or 8 months old. This is the only child of mine to do it. But we did overcome it, so I feel for you.

  4. Cheerios in milk, chicken soup with carrots and pasta, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.


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