Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Extremes meet

I am becoming very, very, very seriously annoyed with the far right. Very. Very. Annoyed. It seems like one must adhere to the set of very particular beliefs in order to satisfy Rush Limbaugh & Co and earn one's right to be called a Republican or Conservative. Here are just some examples:

If one is pro-life, but is not opposed to the morning after pill - they are not Pro-Life enough, and even worse than liberals.

If one voted for McCain, but doesn't hate Obama, one is not Republican enough, and is ever worse than those damned liberals.

If one questions the was in Iraq , then one is an anti-American ingrate who cannot possibly be a Republican and thus is worse than the liberals.

If one opposes death penalty - for any reason, one is not a true Conservative and worse than the liberals.

And G-d help the one who thinks that Universal Health Care might be a good idea - that person is a lost cause, a Socialist and possibly a dirty anti-American Commie. Which is of course worse than being a liberal, but only marginally because all liberals are closeted Commies.

But here's what I find particularly ironic. I still remember the Commie times in Russia, and all of this - those who are not completely, 110% ideologically with us are against us/those who are not like us cannot possibly be patriotic/those who have different beliefs are looking to or already are actively destroying our beautiful country and must be the agents of the enemy - very painfully reminds me of those Commie times. Yes, there obviously are differences, but as far as I am concerned the extremes have already met.


  1. Why? Obama hasn't done enough bad?

    As far as Iraq, it was as stupid as Vietnam. What America should've done was go in, level the place to the ground and leave.

    Idiocy of Universal Health Care was shown and is shown in every country that has it.

  2. Are you questioning how the war in Iraq was handled? Tsk, tsk, you are not being patriotic and are possibly and a closeted liberal.

  3. The war in Iraq should've been handled al a Ripley/Sigourney Weaver, "I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."

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  5. I am a Conservative, and Republican. I don't believe in the government's interference with abortion at all.

    I don't believe that leaving the American health care system the way it is now serves people in the US best, although I also think the current plan in Congress will cause far more suffering than it will improvement of lives.

    I am certain that getting rid of Jihadist despots is a good thing, but that the wars being fought by the US now were started amidst too much ignorance, and the world now pays the price.

    I just don't believe in big government, something that Republicans have been quite guilty of for some time now.

    I don't feel excoriated or unwelcomed by conservatives, or "put down" by Rush Limbaugh or his ilk. I haven't been reading or listening to anyone who is a Conservative in the media or in person who has made me feel "less than" or not a conservative because of my views.... maybe I am not listening hard enough?

    I think there are people who are zealous, and I also think performers on the radio are just that; performers, and profess to be so. I don't think they are ideological leaders of anything.

    I would love to feel that there is civility and respect for my views from NON-republicans and conservatives, but that's another story....


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