Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Clueless/Die Hard moment

A friend and a fellow blogger Sally Hazel had posted today about mixing up Ecuador and El Salvador in a conversation. Something very similar happened to me, and I was wondering how to turn it into the post, so now Sally gave me an excuse and provided much needed inspiration.

A few weeks ago I was having a highly intellectual (insert: sarcasm) discussion with a friend about news and hostage situations in particular, and the topic shifted to the Stockholm syndrome. We discussed it for about ten minutes, and I had referred to the syndrome by its name probably a dozen times. After I hung up, all of a sudden I felt the insides of my stomach getting cold. To my shame and horror I realized that throughout the entire conversation I had referred to the condition as a "Helsinki syndrome". Yikes! And the person with whom I was having this conversation did not correct me either and let me make a fool out of myself over and over again. Wonder if she was stifling giggles on the other line. (For the record, I am sure she wasn't because she is super nice. I am really blessed with good friends.)

And now for the extra credit:

Why would SubWife make such a silly mistake???

Before posting this, I decided to Google Helsinki Syndrome, just to make sure that such a condition does not exist. Ta-da! I found the answer and the person to blame it on.

It's HIS fault.

I blame Alan Rickman! I had watched Die Hard just a day or two before this conversation, and in that movie they had gotten their geography completely wrong and indeed referred to the Stockholm syndrome as the Helsinki syndrome. Here's the quote from

The Helsinki Syndrome mentioned in the film is a reference to the real-world Stockholm Syndrome. Why it was changed in the film is unknown. Coincidentally, the newscaster incorrectly informs his viewers that it refers to Helsinki, Sweden (Helsinki is actually in Finland, while Stockholm is in Sweden).

OK, case closed, SubWife not completely crazy, moving on with life.


  1. And now you've completely distracted me by posting that photo.

    He was the only reason I even watched Die Hard (again.. and again).

  2. Oh, look - Alan Rickman. Also, this is still better than the people who were Really Confused when Russia invaded Georgia.

  3. Ladies, thanks for the laughs! On the slightly related topic, Alan Rickman is on my black list ever since he was so involved in the production of "My Name is Rachel Corrie" (sp?)

  4. Barb, that's why I blame him!!! (My original draft had him name Alan Terrorist Sympathisizer Rickman, but then I changed my mind :)

  5. Though I have to admit, he can distract one from posting :(

  6. He can distract one from doing a lot of other things, such as homework, studying.. and he has done so on a number of occasions.


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