Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Communication Breakdown

I was doing my shopping today and called SubHub from the store with an inquiry. I remembered that a couple of years ago he greatly enjoyed cold borsch at someone else's house. So I called and asked him whether he wants cold borsch. SubHub said a very enthusiastic, "Yes!!!" Then I called back a few minutes later to ask him how many jars I should get. He didn't understand and said we were having a bad connection. I had to repeat my question probably five times until it hit, "Oh, you are going to buy it..." Ha ha ha! He thought I was going to make it! My poor, naive man was a bit crushed by the news. To quote Suburban Correspondent, "I hate to see a grown man cry like that".

Another communication breakdown happened at work. I at the water cooler when one of my co-workers also came into the kitchen for a refill. He asked me, "What's going on? You are smiling." Apparently I always carry a sour lemon expression on my face. My co-worker claimed it was a misunderstanding. Yeah, right. Tell it to HR, buddy... I am filing a complaint.

The kids are not asleep yet and are being really cute. But I can't smile back at them. I have a reputation to maintain...


  1. I volunteer to make cold borsch if somebody does the dishes afterwords to my precise specifications ( I am very finiky about how I like my dishes washed):)


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