Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The SubOne who laughs last laughs best

SubHub needed new swimming goggles. Since the kids were still on vacation, he took them with him to Modell's. According to SubHub, there was only one model of goggles, and since he was desperate he bought whatever they had. Those goggles, which were replacing sleek and good looking pair, were huge and covered half his face, which made him look like a cross between a geek and a pilot. When I came home from work and saw him try those goggles on, I must've laughed for five minutes straight. I could barely catch my breath.

SubHub took this reaction stoically and was not at all surprised. He said that kids reacted in the same way when he tried goggles in the store. The older two were rolling on the floor and the baby attempted jumping out of a car seat. "Do you know what they said when they finally were able to talk?" asked SubHub. I had no idea.

"Papa, you look just like Mommy."



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  2. I guess their mama is "just so white and nerdy" :D

    What ever happened to shopping online?


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