Thursday, November 19, 2009

With friends like these who needs a climate change?

Last week I did something I normally don't - I bought kids chicken nuggets. They were on sale, kids don't eat normal chicken anyway, and it would make dinner preparation for a few nights much easier - so why not? Well, I THOUGHT I was buying chicken nuggets. Instead I picked up a pack of chicken cutlets shaped like dinosaurs. How I have made that mistake is still a mystery, but really, who cares because it was really for the best.

As I was baking those cutlets, DS, who is currently in love with all things dinosaur and at that particular time very antsy in anticipation of eating a DINOSAUR, picked one frozen cutlet out of the bag and started playing with it. I had done something else I normally don't do - I let him play with food. He was very cute about it, but got bored after about 10 minutes or so. He came over to me and said, "Mommy, I don't want to play with him any more. I will put him on my plate. But I will not eat him because he's my friend." Yep, once you play with DS, you are pretty safe from being eaten. At least that night.

Well, it would be funny in itself if were the end, but... As DS and DD were settling down to eat the finally cooked cutlets (and DS repeatedly reassured that he wasn't eating his new friend), DD pretended to bite DS's dinosaur. DS took his cutlet, mumbled something about "tail booboo", kissed his dinosaur's tail "to make him feel better" and within seconds bit off dinosaur's head.

Well, as long as it wasn't his friend, right?


  1. I have a problem with Shlomik when it comes to eating meat. Fishsticks, pieces of vobla and shproti, no problem. Chicken, not so much. I also bought those, were on sale, and told Shlomik that he gotta bite them or they'll bite him.

    NY is the complete opposite. He eats whatever you put in his mouth. Jar of vegetables, jar of fruits, baby cereal, carrots, chicken, bread. He may make a face at first, but then he'll eat it anyway. The complete opposite of Shlomik. Though both of them love Cheerios.

  2. This is what happens when you play with the food. We once took a trip to a farm with my parents, where I played with very cute chicken. Months later, my mother bought a whole chicken and I refused to eat it until I was promised that this chicken has nothing to do with the real one I played with. You don't eat your friends. Period!

  3. Of course you eat your friends! That way they'll be with you forever!

  4. As Dr. Lecter said, "I'm having an old friend for dinner."

    SJ, welcome to the blog!


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