Thursday, February 13, 2014

Desperate times

Desperate times today called for desperate measures, and DS lost his screen time privileges, first time in a long time and first time since my brother gifted us with an iPad.  (No, my brother is taken and you cannot have him.  Unless you are marriage minded, intelligent and attracted to tall geeky guys young woman.  Then give me a call. )  DS whined, whined some more how unfair life was to him, tried to promise me everything our planet had to offer and some more and then quietly disappeared.  I had a sneaking suspicion that he snuck into my bedroom and was using some electronic device under covers.  He was.  I found him playing with the calculator I brought from work today.  Calculator!  Does that count as screen time too?  I mean it does have a screen, teeny tiny screen, but nevertheless there's a screen...  Poor kid.  I guess he was having his own "desperate times call for desperate measures" moment.

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